What Does Your Face Look Like In This Book – A real glimpse into the world of FACEBOOK

Facebook is the largest social media network with a population larger than some nations of the world, it is said that if Facebook was a country, it would be the third populous nation on the earth. Originally created to help people find their friends, interact and share their lives with them it has evolved into something of a phenomenon.


Facebook has so many utilities and features today that make it possible to carry out e-commerce activities (Facebook Marketplace), to form interest-driven groups (Facebook Groups); for Celebrities and Organizations to interact with fans and patrons (Facebook Fan Pages) and even for anyone to publicize events, art and so on.

There is hardly a modern School/University, Church, Media Company, News Entity or person to today without a Facebook presence. Television programs and the like keep imploring you to follow them on Facebook and Twitter; that should tell you something about how relevant these entities have become.

There are several ways to make use of Facebook; by default you are required to create a basic Facebook profile before you can create a Group or Fan page. Creating a Facebook Profile; like any other Social Media Profile, you need to sign up or register with a valid email address and a chosen password, you can then add other personal details like where you schooled, where you work or have worked, where you are from and what your interests are.

Adding all these additional information, allows Facebook’s unique system algorithm locate family, friends and either organizations or persons of similar interests as you.

About The Basic Facebook Profile

The basic Facebook Profile or Account is suited to individuals. Once you have created your Facebook account with an email and password and provided basic details about yourself, your account is good to go. You can then start looking for and inviting friends who are and are not yet on Facebook.

To manage your Facebook Status, simply fill in a new one within the Status field which can be found on your Facebook Home page of Your Facebook Profile Page.

The basic Facebook profile comes with certain features that allow you;

» Share pictures (Your Facebook Photo album)
» Notes and Writings (Your Facebook Note)
» You and your friends can share thoughts, comments and short greetings (Your Facebook Wall).
» And with “Your Facebook Status” friends and friends of friends that constitute your social network can have a glimpse into your world.

The part of Facebook where you see the status of all those on your Network is called Facebook Home.
The basic Facebook profile is the foundation for all else; as you cannot create anything else on Facebook without it. You need a basic Facebook Profile to be able to create the following;

» A Facebook Group
» A Facebook Fan Page aka Facebook Page
» Facebook Events or
» Facebook Adverts; and even to make use of the
» Facebook Marketplace.

About The Facebook Group
After you have set-up your basic Facebook profile, you start to realize there is so much more to be enjoyed from having a Facebook presence and one of such benefits is the Facebook Group.

A Facebook Group allows you to create a private space on Facebook which could be used either for personal interactions between family and loved ones across different continents, as a business collaboration tool between colleagues in different locations or to just get to meet people with similar interests or just for the fun of it.

Once you have a group, you can post updates, create polls and get information from the group, chat with everyone at once, create shared documents and even schedule group events. You can have multiple groups and by defining which groups you want either for family, business, interests, fun or research, you control who sees what.

In order to create a group, click on the “HOME” tab in your profile and you will see the option to create a new group to the left of the page

Create Group

When creating your group, you will be asked to specify the type of group whether;
» Secret: Only members will be able to see the group and what is posted in such a group
» Closed: Everyone on Facebook can see the group but only members will be able to see/post content to the group
» Open(Public): Everyone can see the group on Facebook and what everyone posts to the group
Each group created comes with a unique group email which allows people connect and interact even outside the environments of Facebook

About The Facebook Page
Facebook has become such a phenomenon that everyone is on it, celebrities, politicians, name it, they are on it and everyone wants to be their friends on Facebook but the average Facebook profile has limits to the number of friends you can have, enter Facebook Pages.

A Facebook Page is a public profile which functions similar to user profiles and enables you to connect with more Facebook users, share your business, ideas and products with Facebook users.

The Page focuses on the stream of content posted by the Page administrators and leverages on the real connections between friends on Facebook, thus letting Fans become brand advocates. Posts to the Page will appear in the News Feed of the Fans and in addition, a Page gives room to create additional tabs with additional functionality to aid your objectives e.g. you can create a form for collecting registrants for say a training you will be having so instead of looking for how to get people to come to your website, you can bring your website content straight to them on Facebook.

To create a Facebook Page, click on the “HOME” tab in your profile and you will see the option to create a Page labeled “Ads and Pages” to the left of the page, this will open your adverts and Pages environment, select “Pages” to the left of the page

Create Page

You can then specify your Page name, define the identity that suits it i.e. whether it is;
» A Local Business or Place
» Company, Organization or Institution
» Brand or Product
» Artist, Band or Public Figure
» Entertainment
» Cause or Community

After the page is successfully created, you can continue on to adding a “Display Image” and invite your friends to become Fans. As you Fans grow, you will then be able to have a custom URL on Facebook i.e. http://www.facebook.com/any-name-of-your-choice e.g.http://www.facebook.com/theplatformnigeria

This will only happen when you have 25 fans or more and to secure your custom URL, visithttp://www.facebook.com/username

NOTE: You can create a custom URL for your person profile also such ashttp://www.facebook.com/firstname.lastname

About The Facebook Marketplace
Considering the sheer number of people on Facebook at any given point in time, it is only inevitable that commerce is bound to find its way into the mix and what better way to take advantage of it other than Facebook Marketplace.

Using the Facebook Marketplace you can sell, give away, buy, ask or search for anything you want. People with a more philanthropic orientation have learnt to use Facebook Marketplace to support their favourite causes and charities by selling their unwanted goods for a good cause.

Additionally, you can see what your friends are buying and/or selling. Facebook users can post their Marketplace listings FREE of charge. Your listings will be viewable to millions of Facebook Marketplace users worldwide.

If you have not used the Facebook Marketplace application before, you can find it here:

Fusing Your Facebook Profile with Your Twitter Profile
When you have two social networks to such a large audience, there is bound to be an alliance of sorts and there is, you can share your Twitter tweets with your Facebook friends by integrating Twitter into your Facebook profile and it’s a very simple process;

1. Visit http://apps.facebook.com/twitter
2. If you are not logged in, you will be asked to log into your account
3. Upon logging in, you will be presented with the approval page for integrating Twitter into your Facebook account

Twitter Access

4. Upon clicking “Allow”, you will be brought to a page where you’d be required to log in to your Twitter account

Twitter Login

5. Clicking on the “Allow” button, you will be brought to a Settings-type page where you will be asked whether you want your tweets posted to your profile and Facebook Page(s) (If you have a Facebook Page)

6. Select “Facebook Profile” and a pop-up window requesting you allow Twitter post your tweets to your Facebook Wall is opened
7. Click “Allow” and you’re good to go

Facebook & YouTube, the locking Line
While browsing through YouTube, you may encounter a video you would like to share with your friends or even videos you have uploaded to YouTube, the quickest way to achieve this is outlined below;

1. Visit http://www.youtube.com and locate the video you would like to share
With respect to this guide, we will be sharing one of The Platform 8.0 Movies – Cinema Affair located at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_ore_1_qHM

2. Once the YouTube page is loaded, click on the Share button which would also load the icons to the various social media channels you can share the video on

3. Click on the Facebook Icon, which will launch a pop-up window for you to add any additional information to the video (You will be asked to log in if you are not already signed into your Facebook account)

4. Click on Share and the link will be automatically posted to your Facebook profile


2 thoughts on “What Does Your Face Look Like In This Book – A real glimpse into the world of FACEBOOK

  1. kayode igbasanmi on

    Learn something new like facebook market place and how to share video from Youtube to social network. but I noticed on the facebook market place you can’t switch the location to Nigeria which we give a room to see the list of all ads for Nigeria only. do u notice the same thing? goog job

    • adegbengaagoro on

      Hello Kayode,

      Thanks for the comment and you are right, it is difficult to change Home Location to Nigeria as a country. I think its because they currently support only the following countries; USA, UK, Canada, Ireland, India and Australia.

      Funny enough, they say its possible to change location to any country from within the Facebook app (Remember that Facebook marketplace is powered by a partnership with Oodle Classifieds) but it doesn’t work as of this point in time.

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