Skill Acquisition and Monetization

I had the opportunity to speak on the topic of “Skill Acquisition & Monetization” and decided to share the slides with everyone. Alot of us know that ;

A skill can be a natural talent like singing, painting or dancing. A skill can also be something you have been taught and have a great deal of experience in such as a profession like Carpentry, Nursing, or Accounting.

Did you know you can learn a new skill within 20 Hours?

You can download the full details by clicking the link below;

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One thought on “Skill Acquisition and Monetization

  1. Chijiokem I. on

    I was at the Skill Acquisition and Monetization seminar facilitated by Gbenga and it was very enlightening. I downloaded the slides and studied them extensively. The result is the development on a strategy for an “online business”…the pressure is on; I am excited.

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