Like Janette…ikz said
It’s in our genetics to get caught up
In the things of God
And lose the relationship

The relationship not between my fair & beautiful love
But the relationship He initiated with me when Adam fell & He
Couldn’t bear for me to be caught under the yoke
And whiplash of my new master, Sin.

How else could the chains of sin be broken,
How else could the shame of epileptic attacks and the taunting laughs
Of young class-mates be erased
How else?

With 9 inches of rusted iron
Impaling my sinful self to the cross
Flesh torn from my saviour’s skin
So I could be dressed in a skin of divine health
Tegretol and phenobarbitone
Things of the past for my new skin,
No, the new me is epilepsy free

Because of the 9 inches of rusted iron
Which was the redemption plan
For me because all He sees is me
Yes, You.

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