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I am an avid reader of Michael Hyatt’s blog and on his website he has a section where he outlines all the tools he uses in his personal & professional life, well in the context of my work, not everyone would be interested in the tools I use for crafting such awesome graphics & websites so I decided to do a more focused tools list.

Below is a break-down of the tools I used on The Social Divergence;


I utilize the self-hosted WordPress framework for managing all my truly awesome posts (well I think they are awesome, if you think otherwise, drop a comment under the post you think isn’t LEGEN-wait for it-DARY)

Crenet Hosting
If you use WordPress as I recommend because of its ease & versatility, you will need a hosting service that can deliver appropriately. I recommend Crenet Hosting. They have a great package for just N15,000 and it meets all my needs

This is the solution I use for managing the comments on my platform. It is highly favoured by tons of bloggers and information websites and it is so easy for on the users of the website in the sense that it allows them to post their comments using their social media profiles thus eliminating the dreaded comments form.

 This is the plugin that controls comment spam. You don’t even want to get into the amount of spam that is generated by random bots daily, this plugin saves you tons of time & energy when it comes to managing comment spam.

Getty Images
Pictures they say speak louder than words, if you want to give your articles & posts that extra push, you need quality images and you can get really good ones at Getty Images, just sign up for a free account in order to remove the watermark and well give credit also. Most of the images I use are from Getty Images.

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