Lessons on The Journey to a 1000 tweets

I am not a vetran tweeter, not yet anyway but I have been actively involved on twitter since I came to grasp its powers in relation to my work and my brand as an individual and for my organizations but I get follows by people with tens of thousands of tweets and these guys sometimes aren’t “faffers”. I always just wonder how do they go about it, I’m like online alot but even I didn’t have up to a 1000 tweets.

Come March, my birth month and I decided I wanted to be a tweeter with at least a minimum of a 1000 tweets under my belt before or by the 29th, so now you know my birthday, send in the gifts its never too late… Back to my target, I’m not trying to say these are the principles for goalsetting or anything like that, Lord knows I’ve set some goals and still gunning for them but I learnt some key things when i took on this particular goal and they are;

1. It was memorable
I had set the delivery time for the results of this project to the 29th of March, which yeah! yeah! is my birthday, the postal service still delivers you have no excuses. This is a memorable date because my mind kept going back to “your birthday is on the 29th” and everytime that happened, a trigger went off about my 1000 tweets project and I’d instantly get on UberSocial and tweet away or retweet some of my favourite tweeters. Big ups to @socialmediaeaminer, @jeffbullas, @seinquest, @realslim23, @InnerDelight to mention a few

So, when you set a goal, either choose a memorable delivery date i.e. a date that has emotional and sentimental attachments so when you get lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it always filters through and it will instantly remind you of your goal or make a date something memorable for example I’ll be having a lunch with friends on the 12th of December to celebrate achieving this goal i’m aiming for and then tie your deliverable to it but try not to get anxious about what will people say if on the d-day i haven’t achieved my goal; that will just paralyze you mentally when thoughts like that come in, shrug it off and focus on the tasks needed to get you to your goal

2. I Broke it Down
When I decided to start my journey to a 1000 tweets, I had 875 tweets to my name, well there were tons of retweets in there but that’s what tweeting is about, sharing the love and valuable information you find out there that can benefit others. Okay, so this was what I did, it was on the 13th when i decided to embark on this journey and i needed 125 tweets to get to a 1000 and I had 16 days to get this done so i divided my 125 outstanding tweets by 16 and arrived at a target of 7 tweets per day, simple right … not so considering somedays i just outrightly forget to tweet or you want to tweet valuable information so you follow the links tweeted and you spend time reading the article (you learn stuff) but by the time you’re done retweeting and all that you find out you’ve thrown out just 4 tweets.

Breaking your goal down may not be as easy as implementing basic division but the divide and conquer strategy still helps tremendously and it reduces the chances of you feeling overwhelmed about the larger goal

3. Celebrate your milestones
I always celebrated whenever i felt i had made considerable progress, it helps rejuvenate you about the project and gives you a sense of knowing that you’re not just slaving away at a goal but enjoying an experience because in all honesty, that attainment of the goal isn’t what gives us the ultimate job, its actually the experience we gain from going through the process of achieving that goal. So, when working so hard, don’t forget to throw in a celebration every now and then

4. Be Focused
I had to stay focused on my objective of finishing my journey to a 1000 tweets so I ensured that I didn’t visit twitter and just read up on tweets alone but I ensured I engaged others in communication and I got involved in conversations too.

Those were my lessons on a journey to a 1000 tweets and you might say to yourself yeah sure, you said you wanted to have a 1000 tweets and you got it, its twitter for heavens sake that’s no big deal, I’m thinking of expanding my business and here you are talking about tweeting. Well, in response to that, I’d say it was a fulfilling experience and if you try out the principles I was able to pull out from this experience, it might help but other than that, I met some really great folks, my followership increased and thus my influence and eventually I got quoted in an article by PRNewser.com on the new JCPenny Logo which was launched at the Grammys and I met the editor on twitter so you never know.

Take care and till i’m hit with the writing wand, remain safe.

2 thoughts on “Lessons on The Journey to a 1000 tweets

  1. yi shiwen on

    just 125 tweets or 7 tweets per day? That isn’t tweeting, it’s just the ‘t’ leaving out the ‘weeting’ of the word ‘tweeting’

    • adegbengaagoro on

      Well, you’d notice I already had a certain amount of tweets prior to deciding on my target for 1000 tweets. Also its a case of making it work for you

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