Latest Scam – This you need to know

So you know how you wake up and feel super productive, structure your day and decide, “Boy, today is going to be super cool, I am gingered (Nigerian slang for pumped) to make things happen. Day progresses accordingly until I encounter an email in my inbox, I’m generally a curious guy so I follow through the needed clicks and I’m like WOW! some folks are about to get scammed.

I instantly knew that I had to share this or some folks would suffer big time. This post is my effort to enlighten you about it so you don’t fall prey to it, I literally threw my schedule out of sync to write this article.


So you get an email, telling you about a retreat, who doesn’t like a good retreat to unwind and the moment you open it, you are informed that there is a Google Doc you need to view

Email Scam you might receive

If I had fallen for this, I would have been done for, I officially tell people that if Google wanted to mess me up, they would have a field day so I’m really particular about my Google Account

Back to the scam’s flow…

You click on the attachment and it takes you to a page that tells you to click on the document that has been shared with you

Scam - Download the document

The moment you click on that document link, the magic begins. In fairness, Google does throw this site up almost instantly as a Phishing site but there are some folks who would be like, Nooooo, “Google, you shall not stop me from my retreat, and still against sound judgement, click to continue” (Which is what I did, LOL)

Yea…The magic…

So these guys have replicated a Google sign-in page that asks you to sign in to view your document. Now, the scammers are playing on your psychology in the sense that, we hardly look at the fine-print of things in this fast-paced life we now live in and as such, if we see recognizable brand elements with relation to and most especially web assets, we instantly give it the trust of the brand

Also you would notice that the link of the site is not Google’s but folks can miss that, I mean, what’s a URL when your retreat is at stake, right.

The magic point that could start your journey to hell

You provide your email details and I don’t know what would happen if you do provide them with your details because I didn’t furnish them with mine. I did however, just click on the “View Document” button and voila, I progress to the next stage which is an actual Google Doc full of gibberish of course but you know what would have been your take-away if you went through the whole process, “what a waste of my time and data

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 2.01.15 PM

So, what could have happened, if you fell victim without my article to shed some light on this, below are a few;

  • Password change to your email account
  • The reset of passwords to your social network accounts
  • Folks you know start getting emails from you asking them from assistance, you would of course have painted a dire situation where you are stranded somewhere and need their help urgently

There you have it, a guide to not falling victim to this particular scam. If you found this helpful, let me know using the comments section below and if you feel like being the strong silent type, no crime there either, we’ve all been there and done that, bought the tee shirt and hung it up, LOL.

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