How to Learn Anything Fast!

I love to read books and I often find myself visiting & leaving the site with at least 3 books almost all the time & in recent times I am exercising self-control but my wishlist is on  steroids, I add books I desire to buy like crazy, anyway all this is building up to one faithful day when I was on Amazon & stumbled unto a book by Josh Kaufman titled “The First 20 Hours – How to learn anything fast

Yes! That’s how I got the title for the article, why waste a good title.

I instantly threw away my self-control chains & started the process of buying it but discovered it wasn’t on sale yet & so you had to pre-order it or wait for it to be out, told my  fiancée  about the book and how excited I was about it and can’t wait for it and she ends up pre-ordering the book for me as a gift (she’s a darling, my darling).

Come D-day & I instantly download the book and start racing through the pages and before you know it, I’m grabbing a pen to start listing the skills I want to acquire, the book is that good. It brings you up to speed with what you need to know about Rapid Skill Acquistion in 3 Chapters.

I plan to share a bit of the information here today. The premise of the book is that you can learn any skill you want in 20 hours.

Josh says “Forget Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 hour”.

Let’s leave that for the people chasing mastery, we we need the skills to get stuff done. I don’t need to be Picasso, I just want to be able to sketch & show-off to my friends shikena.

How Does it Work?

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6 thoughts on “How to Learn Anything Fast!

  1. Nice idea. I’ll give it a shot. First let me go get that book and get more insight. Thanks man.

    • adegbengaagoro on

      Thanks Nd for the comment & I hope you do give it a try. I’m currently implementing it and its working really well for me thus far. It would be nice if you could update me on your progress after running through the book.

    • adegbengaagoro on

      Thanks Tobi, glad you enjoyed the article and I hope it was helpful and you’re on your way to learning a new skill

  2. Kelechi Nwoke on

    Good write-up Gbenga, easy to read and keeps you interested from start to finish.
    I think the real work is finding time to keep to the 1hr a day routine, with all the other things seeking our attention. God help us all. Great job tho.
    I would like to learn to swim, then drive.

    • adegbengaagoro on

      Thanks Kelechi for the comment. Like I stated, you don’t have to run through the entire 60 – 90 mins at once, you can break them up into chunks if you are pressed for time. With what you have stated as the skills to learn, also reference the article where I stated it would be best to focus on one skill at a time.

      Depending on your decided skill to learn, you would need to define for you what is your optimal performance, find out what are the key sub-skills to learn & spend time practicing them.

      Please note that learning any skill though we have said ‘Rapid’, still requires a commitment of time from you.

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