When in thine heart, a belief is established
That of the things of life, your share
By your might can be acquired
He watches with pained expressions & love

Seeing you struggle against the forces & storms
Your tears and cries of woe, He hears
Hoping to be heard by your heart
When you succumb to those things & deeds
That leave you ashamed & filthy
In body, mind & soul, a cleansing he offers

In all these, with open arms still, He beckons
What you fear the most, His reproach
He says, you should run to, for in Him
Is forgiveness, health & wealth
Joy and peace, for your soul
If you would be but open your heart
The chains of limitations, sorrow & pain
With ease will he break

He swore never to leave & all He wants
Is to remind you that He won’t let you go
No matter what it is you have done or said
Boundaries, His love knows not

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