Don’t Stop Until You Strike Gold

Happy New Year!

This is a bit embarrassing considering my last post was in October but its a New Year and its a time for us to become better people than we were in 2013. Spelling it out, that’s my promise to you to blog more often in 2014 and provide you with some of the quality information stored up in my intellect.

This is my first post for 2014 and I would like to share a very simple message which is;


I have already mapped out my goals for 2014 and I hope you have too and I intend to keep at them till they materialize, here are some tips to getting your goals, not setting them but getting them courtesy of my friend, Steve Harris and they are S.M.A.R.T;

1. Strategy

It goes beyond ensuring your goals are specific, you have to have a clear-cut strategy for ensuring those specific goals manifest.

2. Milestones

Beyond being measurable, you need to have milestones so you can pin-point your progress as you move along. For example, when you get on a BRT bus, you know you can track your progress to your destination because of the various bus-stops, you need the same and for your goals, they are called milestones

3. Action

In the over-flogged words of Nike, Just Do It.

I was thinking about how I had not written a post in a while and how I need to take out time to do that  and then I remembered this tip and I just started writing, this is 12:56 am and I’m happy, I decided to act, so don’t faff anymore, just do it and yes, your goal is  achievable  when you act.

4. Resources

Yes, you have the strategy, milestones and pumped energy to go but you need to also consider the resources you need to achieve every goal you have set. How much time, money and/or which relationships do you need to make your realistic goal visible to everyone around you.

5. Accountability

We know that for a goal not to be a wish it needs to be time-bound and one way to ensure that you stick to your time-frame is to find people you can be accountable to and let them be your checks throughout 2014.

So that’s it, my first post for 2014 and I would like to end it all with this fun infograph I stumbled upon.

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Thanks in advance.

6 thoughts on “Don’t Stop Until You Strike Gold

    • adegbengaagoro on

      Thanks Omowunmi for being the first to comment on this article. For doing that, you get a gift; I will work with you to set-up your podcast for the iTunes store

  1. Tosin Soremekun on

    Dear adegbenga, i know this is 2016, but i must say this SMART goals still apply. Nicely written and hoping to see more of your posts.

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