4 Tips to maximize your Facebook page

As a budding entrepreneur, start-up or small business, one of the major social assets you should own is a Facebook Business page. I won’t go into extreme details about the difference between a Facebook Profile and a Facebook Business page but here is a quickie.

Facebook Profile
A Facebook Profile is basically your personal account and its allocated against you as an individual, you can use it to network with friends and colleagues and share whatever information you desire with them.

Facebook Business Page
A Facebook Business page or Fan page on the other hand is created by an existing Facebook member (with a profile) primarily to promote an interest, a company, an organization, pets, music groups, film stars and other things listed by Facebook. The page gains or builds an audience by existing Facebook users ‘liking’ the page in question, which in return they get broadcasts from that page with varying degrees of frequency within their News feed (The Facebook News feed is the collation of all updates from your connections)

Back to the business of the day, the objective of this article is to share with you 4 tips to help maximize your Facebook page and they are;

1. Stay on Topic

People who like your page other than your friends you invited to like your page, desire to learn about your brand, what you’re offering or gain more information about your industry, providing such niche content may sometimes seem limiting but the key is for you to be creative.

Some ideas to keep it fresh while staying on topic is;

  • Take a current event that just happened and relate it to your service offering or industry, this is often referred to as “Newsjacking”
  • Repost any interesting information from your fans

2. Ask the right kind of questions

Your page following isn’t just so you can boast that you have a lot of people following your brand on Facebook, it doesn’t translate to much if there isn’t any interactions between your brand and your followers.

One way to spark off the conversation is to ask engaging questions but endeavour to ask questions which require one-word responses as these get a lot of engagement.

People like to talk about themselves, so ask questions that trigger them talking about themselves, their exploits and experiences.

3. Include pictures in your updates

The adage “A picture is worth a thousand words” refers to the notion that a complex idea can be conveyed with just a single still image and this is can be true in many instances.

Instead of rambling off long paragraphs, give a short summary and attach a strong image, good images can be found when you do a simple Google Search and if you are smart, you should throw in a link back to your website/blog

4. Use Facebook Insights to determine what’s working

Facebook Insights has come a long way and you can now use the analytics information it provides to make more informed decision about the content you post to your page timeline and how you engage with your audience.

Some of the analytical data you can track are;

  • The number of likes you have gotten and how it is changing over time
  • The reach of your updates over a period of time which you can specify
  • Visits to your page and where these visits are coming from
  • When your fans are online which gives you information on the best time to post to get the most visibility for your content.
  • The demographics of your following, what percentage are women, what age range, which countries and cities are they located in etc

Do you have any tips that you feel work for you and you would like to share or any questions, don’t hesitate to post them in the comments section.

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