How to Learn Anything Fast!

I recently stumbled unto a book titled “The First 20 Hours”. It brings you up to speed with what you need to know about Rapid Skill Acquistion in 3 Chapters. I plan to share a bit of the information here today. The premise of the book is that you can learn any skill you want in 20 hours.

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Based on my trainings on utilizing the power of social media for your business, I have put together this ebook titled “Your Business, In a Social Context”. The e-book outlines the following; What is Social Media? Defining your Social Media Goals & Objectives How to find & engage your target audience The Channels & Tools …



When in thine heart, a belief is established That of the things of life, your share By your might can be acquired He watches with pained expressions & love Seeing you struggle against the forces & storms Your tears and cries of woe, He hears Hoping to be heard by your heart When you succumb …



Like Janette…ikz said It’s in our genetics to get caught up In the things of God And lose the relationship The relationship not between my fair & beautiful love But the relationship He initiated with me when Adam fell & He Couldn’t bear for me to be caught under the yoke And whiplash of my …


Tweet like a Bird – An Inquest on TWITTER

Twitter is text based Social Media tool targeted at enhancing communication between people within and across the globe. It has proven itself to be a revolutionary way of sharing information and communicating thoughts and opinions to a possibly infinite population perpetually. To get started with Twitter, you create an account with an existing e-mail address, a chosen password …


The Power of Social Media

Social Media has fast become the trend of the day across the world and has stamped its relevance in the areas of Social Relations, Marketing, Politics, Education, Journalism, Business, Religion and a host of others. More importantly it has aided the concept of making the nations of the world ONE. Social Media tools have changed …